The Proposal

The first step to developing a fast, frequent and dependable train service on the Lake Shore Corridor is introducing three more daily round trips the entire length of the corridor, Chicago to New York.

The additional frequencies will be complemented by improved stations, upgraded track and new, state-of-the-art trainsets. With these long overdue upgrades, passengers will enjoy a faster and more comfortable, productive ride — without the delays associated with service today.

Why Four Trains Per Day?

Why Chicago to New York?

The long-distance Lake Shore Limited provides benefits above and beyond than the sum of potential shorter services (i.e. Cleveland-Chicago, Buffalo-New York). By connecting 171 distinct city pairs, the train gives passengers access to more destinations, allows for hassle-free one seat rides and guarantees fuller, more financially viable trains.

This chart represents a simplified description of ridership patterns on the Lake Shore Limited. By stopping at 19 stations this train serves 171 city pair markets. For clarity, we have shown the largest cities and the ridership between those. Each peg represents a passenger group boarding and alighting the train. Passengers on this train take a wide variety of trip lengths. Adding additional frequencies that travel the entire distance will create attractive schedule choices for all the stations on the corridor.