Modern Trains | Moving Offices | Faster and More Dependable

A modern Railjet used in central Europe. Offers improved reliability and comfort.

We ask a lot of our transportation. If it isn't fast, you won't make it home for dinner. If it isn't reliable, you can't schedule meetings around it. If it isn't comfortable you can't enjoy yourself or finish up your work and increase your bottom line.

Modern travelers demand an option that meets all of their needs. On the Lake Shore Corridor the two main alternatives fall short. Driving is slow and unproductive. Flying is expensive and inconvenient. Both are stressful and unreliable. Amtrak could be a great alternative but today it has limited service and outdated trains.

Modern trains, common throughout the world, present a different story. They're fast. They're reliable. And they're comfortable.

Modern trains are designed to elevate the passenger experience:

These features mean you'll quickly and reliably reach your destination — and feel refreshed when you arrive.